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Art Therapy

Art Therapy Books

Art as Healing
Adamson, E. (1993) Coventure Press.

Improving Memory through Creativity: A Professional's Guide to Culturally Sensitive Cognitive Training with Older Adults
Alders Pike, A. (2014) Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

The Handbook of Art Therapy, second edition
Case, C. & Dalley, T (2006) Routledge.

Art Therapy with Children: From Infancy to Adolescence
Case, C., & Dalley, T. (2007) Routledge.

Art Therapy and Clinical Neuroscience
Hass-Cohen, N. & Carr, R. (2008) Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
Art Therapy
Edwards, D. (2004) Sage

Healing Arts: The History of Art Therapy
Hogan, S. (2001) Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Arts Therapies: A Research-based Map of the Field
Karkou V and Sanderson P (2006) Elsevier.

Medical Art Therapy with Children
Malchiodi, C. A (1999) Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

On Not Being Able to Paint
Milner, M. (2010) Routledge.

An Introduction to Art Therapy
Rubin, J. (2009) Taylor & Francis.

On Art and Therapy: an Exploration
Thomson, M. (1997) Free Association Books.

Navigating Art Therapy: A Therapist’s Companion
Wood, C. (Ed.), (2011) Routledge.


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