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Dance Movement Therapy

Dance Movement Therapy Books

Offering from the Conscious Body: The Discipline of Authentic Movement, Inner Traditions
Adler, J. (2002) Rochester.

Natural Intelligence: Body-Mind Integration & Human Development
Aposhyan, S. (1999) Williams & Wilkins.

Body-Mind Psychotherapy
Aposhyan, S. (2004) W.W.Norton.

Body Movement: Coping with the Environment
Bartenieff, I. and Lewis, D. (1980) Gordon and Breach Science Publishers.

Eight Theoretical Approaches in Dance Movement Therapy
Bernstein, P.L. (1974) Kendal/Hunt.

Moves: a Sourcebook of Ideas for Body Awareness and Creative Movement
Bloom, K. & shreeves, R. (1998) Harwood Academic Publishers.

Birth’s Hidden Legacy: Volumes 1&2: A Manual For Therapists, Parents, and Couples
Brook, A. (2014)

Life is Dance: The art and science of dance movement therapy
Chaiklin, S. & Wengrower, H. (Eds.), (2008) Routledge Press.

Dance Therapy and Depth Psychology: The Moving Imagination
Chodorow, J. (1991) Routledge.

Trauma, The Body and Transformation
Etherington, K. (2003) Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

An Introduction to Medical Dance/Movement Therapy: Health Care in Motion
Goodill, S. W. (2005) Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Somatic Psychology: Body, Mind and Meaning
Hartley, L. (2004) Whurr

The Meaning of Movement: Developmental and Clinical Perspectives of the Kestenberg Movement Profile
Kestenberg-Amighi, J, Loman, S., Lewis, P. and Sossin, M. (1999) Brunner-Routledge.

Dance Movement Therapy: A Healing Art, The American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance
Levy, F. J. (1988) Reston.

Dance and Other Expressive art Therapies- When Words Are Not Enough
Levy, F. J. (Ed), (1995) Routledge.

Dance Movement Therapy: A Psychotherapeutic Approach
Meekums, B. (2000) Sage.

Creative Group Therapy for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse
Meekums, B. (2000) Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Movement and Making Decisions, Dance and Movement Press
Moore, C. L. (2005) Dance Movement Press.

Authentic Movement: Essay by Mary Starks Whitehouse, Janet Adler and Joan Chodorow
Pallaro, P. (1999) Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Supervision of Dance Movement Psychotherapy: A Practitioner’s Handbook
Payne, H. (2008) Routledge.

Dance Movement Therapy Theory, Research and Practice, second edition
Payne, H. L. (2006) Routledge.


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