What is iacat?

About iacat

Formed in 1986, iacat is the accrediting body of creative arts therapists in Ireland and oversees the development and training of single modality MA courses in Art therapy, Dance Movement therapy, Dramatherapy and Music therapy. iacat offers CPD training to members and open days for the public to learn more about what creative arts therapies is about. 

iacat is actively campaigning for statutory recognition and registration of creative arts therapies in Ireland. iacat is requesting the inclusion of creative arts therapies in the Health & Social Care Professionals Act (2005).

Statutory recognition of Creative Arts Therapists is:

  • critical to the protection and safeguarding of the public
  • will ensure that creative arts therapy services are delivered by qualified, regulated therapists
  • will promote the highest professional standards amongst creative arts therapists in Ireland


The Irish Association of Drama, Art and Music Therapists was officially launched in 1992. It developed from a core group of creative arts therapists who had trained abroad and were in the process of establishing their professions in Ireland in the 1980s. The first A.G.M. was held in 1993, when a constitution was ratified and a Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics laid out. In 1998 when dance movement therapists were included, the Association changed its name to the Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapists.

I used to be very worried and scared going in to school. I couldn't get out of the car and I wouldn't walk past the gate. Now I'm feeling much better because of Art Therapy it really helped me and now I can go in to school not feeling worried.


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