Dr Sue Jennings: Nurture and Nesting

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Dr Sue Jennings: Nurture and Nesting

Date: 18 Jun 2021
Time: 6pm to 7pm
Location: Online via Zoom
Places: 24

Welcome to the practical world of play!  Play is the most positive activity we can encourage in small children and their interactive parents.  By encouraging parents to play and to think playfully, we are helping bodies and brains to develop.  Furthermore, our capacity to play will continue to be useful throughout life, in decision making, solution seeking, change choices, creativity and recreation challenges.  By continuing to use our bodies and our senses, we will continue to enhance our intellectual learning, and the capacity of our neo-cortex to function.

Chocolate Pudding and Jumping in Puddles

This presentation and workshop demonstrate how Neuro-Dramatic-Play, Embodiment-Projection-Role and Theatre of Resilience are integrated into a working model of Early Child Development.  This model can be adapted for other age groups including those with developmental delay, post-trauma impact, autistic spectrum issues and disrupted attachments if they apply to young children.   

NDP is relevant in education, therapy and clinical application as well as being appropriate for creative parenting and preventative work in school-space and community.  The concept of ‘Nurture and Nesting’ will be addressed for dealing with trauma and meltdown behaviours.


Materials need for workshop:

Real paper and crayons (not tablet); masking tape; packet instant chocolate whip; small bowl and milk or water for mixing; Eco-wet wipes; shawl or scarf.


Dr Sue Jennings is Professor of Play, a life-time award from the European Federation of Dramatherapists.  She is Senior Research Fellow of the Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham, Distinguished Scholar of the University of the Witwatersrand and Honorary Fellow of Roehampton University. Her doctoral field work was with the Temiars, a tribal people who live in the Malaysian rainforest.  This research is her greatest influence on the development and establishment of Neuro-Dramatic-Play. She realised that a society could have their own integrated system of both preventative and curative arts including drama, dance and music. The other major influence in her life and work is Shakespeare and his plays and poetry.   

Sue is responsible for establishing the British Association of Dramatherapists, an endeavour she later shared with fellow pioneer Gordon Wiseman.  She has  innovated the training and practice of Dramatherapy and the Playtherapy Method in UK, Malaysia, Romania, Korea, Greece and Turkey.  Publications: Over 50 books on different aspects of dramatherapy and play therapy, NDP, EPR, resilience, attachment, social and emotional intelligence, self-harming, trauma, dementia, depression and play.  Many books are translated into: Korean, Turkish, Hebrew, Greek, Russian and Swedish.





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