Dr Val Huet: Healing Post Pandemic: A biopsychosocial exploration

Dr Val Huet: Healing Post Pandemic: A biopsychosocial exploration

Date: 18 Jun 2021 | Time: 7.30pm to 9pm | Location: Online via Zoom

Healing post-pandemic: A biopsychosocial exploration

This seminar will include a presentation, art-based exercises and discussions in breakout rooms.

The pandemic initially created a ‘shared-reality crisis’ (Huss, 2020) where no one could claim expertise or foresight on how to meet these unprecedented circumstances.  Some countries are now tentatively reaching back to a life that resembles the pre-pandemic normality.  However, with countries like India, Brazil, etc., still in the depth of the pandemic, a sense of fragility and uncertainty about the safety of our world may persist.  Furthermore, many people have experienced loss and bereavement because of the pandemic and have been unable to mourn according to their cultural and family traditions.  Other factors such as the economic impact of COVID may combine with these issues to amplify personal and professional stress.

In this seminar, we will use a biopsychosocial lens to explore changes which may amplify personal and professional stress and reflect on the emotional and social impact of the pandemic.  The ‘bio’ element will focus on how our bodies may react to stress and how this affects our ability to process emotions.  We will think about how we heal and what supports our healing process.  We will use art-based exercises to explore this.

Materials Needed : Participants will need a small selection of simple art materials  such as coloured pencils, felt tips, crayons, chalks or pastels (the important thing is to have a choice of colours).  They will also need to download and print a couple of copies of the attached body map or copy it on paper themselves if they don’t have access to a printer. Click to Download Body map (1)


BA Fine Arts (Sculpture), PG Dip. Art Therapy, Diploma Group Psychotherapy, MA Art Therapy, MA Organisational Consultancy, PhD in Psychology.

Val  trained in sculpture at Camberwell School of Art and qualified as an Art Therapist in 1986. She is a qualified Group Psychotherapist and Organisational Consultant.  Throughout her career, she worked in mental health services for adults and within Children and Adolescents Mental Health Services. For several years, she managed a large arts therapies department within the National Health Service.  Her practice is now with professionals and teams using art therapy for work-related stress, having completed a PhD on this topic in 2015.

Since 1987, Val has been active within the British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT) and in 2003, she was appointed as its first Chief Executive Officer.  From October 2020, she changed her role to be its Director of Research.   She has lectured internationally and published extensively.  Her art practice focusses at present on life drawing and sculpture.