Sebastian Bechinger: Resourcing Through the Body: An experiential introduction to Somatics

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Sebastian Bechinger: Resourcing Through the Body: An experiential introduction to Somatics

Date: 19 Jun 2021
Time: 12pm to 1.30pm
Location: Online via Zoom
Places: 186

We all live and experience the world in a bodily way, yet we do not always consciously attend to this aspect of our experience. The field of Somatic education is a milieu of embodied, phenomenological investigation which explores the relationships between breath and movement, tissues and consciousness, sensing and doing. This tradition, with roots in Europe over 150 years ago, has had a substantial influence on the development of psychotherapy, and has had a particularly significant impact on Dance andMovement Therapy.

One of the central attitudes in somatic enquiry, is to allow the wisdom of the body to develop, and to rely less and less on external authorities and guides to
inform you how to move, sense, feel and breath. The practitioner/explorer makes their own discoveries and develops their own enquiries, in a shared
intersubjective environment. This experiential, introductory workshop will focus on the concept of resourcing through a Somatic lens. You are invited to experience your body as a site of “Goodness,” which is ultimately able to contain and transform other experiences. It is open to participants with or without experience in embodied disciplines such as dance, yoga, martial arts, or other somatic disciplines such as Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, Continuum etc.

Sebastian Bechinger BA (Hons), SME — is an artist, choreographer, researcher, writer and certified Somatic Movement Educator in Body-Mind Centering® (BMC). As well as BMC® he draws substantially on Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies, the Feldenkrais Method, Continuum Movement, and trained for three years in Else Gindler’s Arbeit am Menschen. As a somatic educator he has a private practice supporting children and adults around topics of psychophysical integration. As an artist, his work focusses on the intersection of ecological thinking and performance practice. He also teaches choreography, Qigong and the Six Viewpoints — a investigative methodology of exploring and making performance. He practices also Taoist Nei Gong and internal martial arts.

Photo by Milan Panet-Gigon at the 2016 BMCA Conference at Concordia University in Montreal, QC, Canada and to link it to this url:


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