Open to organisations or companies who support the ideals and development of the creative arts therapies in Ireland.  

Apply Now   Annual Fee - €100

NB: membership applications can take up to 3 weeks to process.

This is taken on April 1st each year or pro rata on the month of joining. 

Benefits of Organisational Membership include:

  • Support: organisational members support the ideals of the iacat and the use and development of creative arts therapies in Ireland.

  • Keeping informed: organisational members keep informed of the latest developments in the creative arts therapy community.

  • Publicity: iacat promotes the creative arts therapies and informs the public on their benefits. This is conducted via a public relations and communications strategy, which concentrates on attendance at public events, press releases and interaction with the media.

  • iacat Journal: An online academic peer reviewed journal including articles, images, music, podcasts and book reviews is available to members.  Contributions are welcome and encouraged.

  • iacat Bulletin: Members receive regular e-mail bulletins containing information on creative arts therapies events, conferences and CPD as well as employment / placement opportunities.

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