Benefits of Creative Arts Therapies

  • Creation of a safe environment to process inner experiences 
  • Safe space to express and explore difficult feelings
  • Access to non verbal communication
  • Development of communication skills
  • Use of imagery, symbolism and metaphor for understanding
  • Development of self-awareness and personal insight
  • Improving sense of self and self-identity
  • Improving confidence and self-esteem
  • Opportunity to resolve inner conflicts
  • Assisting with gaining a sense of control over difficult emotions and life situations.
  • Aiding emotional regulation
  • Improving and maintain healthy psychosocial functioning
  • Promoting resiliency and improve coping skills
  • Supporting neuropsychological growth



"Our little girl had a problem at school that was affecting her greatly. It was at the point where she was basically having panic and anxiety about going into the school each morning. The trigger for her change in behaviour happened before the summer holidays and continued into the new term.

We tried everything we could to help her but nothing would work for her. We brought her to an Arts Therapist. Our girl really enjoyed her time and has improved an incredible amount. The arts therapist tailored her services to our girl's needs and delivered an excellent package in equally impressive facilities that were appealing to children.

Our girl is back to loving going to school and is really back to her old self. While it was so distressing to see her so upset going in to school, we are absolutely thrilled with the results from her time with the therapist who made the process so easy for us throughout.

We can't thank her enough."

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